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The first campaign in the War Over Anasteria: games is Flames of Peace, Tides of War. This includes the history of Anasteria, but before the "Coming of the Deities."
[HIDDEN="Coming of the Deities"]Coming of the Deities: The Coming of the Deities was the first major event that proved the gods existence. What this basically is is our BC/AD chart. On the date of Xaerum the 13th, 237, the Deity, Grathadeen Maximus was slain by the Dajamor sailors. Grathadeen Maximus' life was a complete lie and he called himself "Kar Vorum Lor Kaluum", or "The Deity of Kaluum." Upon his death, the god Arkazj (Are-Kash, Are-Kazsh), god of peace and pleasure, took him into his realm and called "The Diverum." The Diverum was is also known as "The Chaos" because during The Diverum, Arkazj slew the Falcon Mist (aka "The Diverer", who was the leader of the gods) with his Deity. The gods then all went insane, and Arkazj, abbandoning peace and pleasure, turned to terror and destruction. When The Diverum was over the gods sent there deities to Anasteria to try to defeat the other god's nations. The nations soon discovered this, and all religions changed to Astheri (A religion who believed that every nation had there own god and that the deities were real). During this time, Aktaris Nuukov was also executed for taking upon a religion he had created. The religion was known as "The Darembe Executum" but later became know as "The Dare and Be Executed".[/HIDDEN]
Before the Coming of the Dieties, everything was a disaster. Everybody believed there own religion and slaughtered eachother to make others believe in it. One religion, the Serabatham, even required the blood of 1000 enemies to be spilled on the altar every day. On many days, the Serabatham could not fight there enemies and had slaughtered governmental officials, peasants, and even other Serabathamians. They could do this as long as they yelled "ENEMY!" before they struck, and the person must not have been sacrificed. Even before the Coming of the Deities came a religion that the entire world of Anasteria had. It was known as "Religum Ca Ra Ta Fam" or Religion of Caratafam.
[HIDDEN="Religum Ca Ra Ta Fam"]The Religum Ca Ra Ta Fam was a religion of great progress. By the end of one month, most of Anasteria used it. It worshipped one god, Caratafam, who was above all other gods. When the Deities came, one was known as Caratafam but no god was known as this. The Deity known as Caratafam was the Deity of Falcon Mist, the dead god. Caratafam was slain almost instantly, as a hidden remnant of Serabathamians struck him down.[/HIDDEN]
You can expect atleast 8 chapters in this campaign. I have almost completed the Prologue and I have written all the lore (I now have 86 pages of War Over Anasteria lore, 12 from this campaign) I will post pictures soon, and also I will post more things about this campaign as it goes on.
[HIDDEN="Questions and Answers"]Q1. Why is this campaign named Flames of Peace, Tides of War?
A1. Good question, as the world of Anasteria tries to make peace, the gods make war against eachother. But why Flames and Tides? No reason really, other than Tides of War seeming to be a good name (according to me :xxd:)
the opposite of Water (Tides) is fire (Flames).
Q2. Do you need any help with this project? Is it hard?
A2. As a matter of fact I do not need help on this project. My friend, MasterOfEagles, has offered help, and a bunch of other friends also want to help. It is a bit challenging. I wouldn't call it "hard" as much as I get bored every 2 hours.
Q3. You mentioned this is the first campaign, what did you mean?
A3. If you have note read it before, I made a section about this. I do not remember the link and its buried under a lot of other things, I also don't remember any keywords. So let me summarize it. War Over Anasteria is a project I am working on. I am making more then 1 campaign for it, a spawn-based-war-game and possibly an RPG. The reason? Not for popularity and not to show off my skills. It is simply for the enjoyment of all.
All other questions should be posted below, I will read them and add them in here with the answer, I might also put them below the question or quote the question.
[HIDDEN="Credits"]So far everybody working on this project is nuuh (of course), MasterOfEagles, and DivineHjalti. DivineHjalti doesn't have a THW, but MasterOfEagles does. If your going to give reputation for this, please do not just give it to me. MasterOfEagles deserves it as much as I do for his help, and plus, hes a really nice guy. Also thanks to FrIkY, who will be in my credits plus recieve the modelers thanks for his friendliness in making my ghostly models. He mad ethem within hours and, if you need a ghostly model, here is the link: [url][/url] [/HIDDEN]
I would also like to mention all the modelers on TheHiveWorkshop and WC3 Campaigns for their hard work. I have downloaded many models and I plus, even the models I didn't use should get a high five. There were a lot I didn't use but I wanted to because they didn't fit in. I do not want to go through and name the 100s of people I DLed from so I will just make a BIG THANKS to all the people's models I used and even the ones I didn't. You rock! Also if this is somehow against the rules and I have to list all of them please tell me and do not just remove this or -rep me. Thank you!
[HIDDEN="Jaffton's Crusades"]During the period before the Coming of the Deities, a man named Jaffton created an infamous religion. It was known as "The Xoraez."The Xoraez was a religion of which everybody believed in the world's destruction due to the fights of the religions. At first, this was a famous religion. About 2 months later, Jaffton was driven insane and was slaughtered by a cultist group. His last words were "You will all fall on the 30th of the 13th. Nobody knew what this meant because 30th of the 13th would be a date that would never come. Finally, on the 13th of the 30th, 3 nations were stricken down by 1 disease. This disease came to be known as Jaffton's Disease and killed millions.[/HIDDEN]
[HIDDEN="Alak Demolian"]Alak Demolian was a man who ruled a great nation known as "Catavatia." There were only 2 reasons of why this nation was superior. The first was because of Alak Demolian himself. He recruited many mercenaries and bribed many other nations to join him, because he was very rich. The second was the god known as Tivam. Tivam was said to be slain and also that Tivam's heir would be Alak Demolian. Although some believed that a historian on Alak's side simply said this, history is against it. Alak was named before this event, and was unkown until he was the age of 12. See "Tivam's Succesor" for more information on this topic. At the age of 12, Alak became the warlord of Catavatia. He had won 6 wars before the age of 13. On his 7th war, "The War of Tivam's Grail", the opposing nation known as "Adurian" defeated Alak. This was not a failure at all though. Alak entered the battle with about 5000 soldiers. Andurian entered the battle with 500,000.
Alak left this battle with 3800 due to the bidding of King Catamine, who proclaimed a retreat due to the suspicion that another nation might attack Catavatia and they would not be prepared. Even though Andurian won, they left the war with 32,000 men. Everybody else was killed. Also, even though 32,000 survived, 24,000 retreated from the battle field and joined Catavia as mercenaries. At the Battle of Kuut'An, Catavia suffered. They lost over 90,000 mercenaries from Kuut'An. They did not die, but rather joined Kuut'An and betrayed the trust of Catavia. The stage here was set for a battle that was now only 2,400 vrs 1,200,000. Catavia lost 1,800 men, including Alak, who was captured and ordered to execution at the age of 14. Catavia wasn't ready to lose a great warlord, and made an almost stupid attack. They sent the remaining 600 men to attack the main city of Kuut'An, Keratuud. Keratuud was occupied by more then 90,000 Kuut'Anians. See "The Kuut'Anian Wars" for more information. At the age of 15, Alak was made prince after the assassination of Prince Derathim. He was assassinated by King Derathim, who wanted to rid the kingdom of foreign princesses. He also issued the assassination of 7 princesses. They were all slain. At the age of 16,Alak was maddened by the king and assassinated him. Alak went insane with power at the age of 21. This happened during "The Battles of Catavia's Failure", where he marched 900,000 men into an easy battle against 70,000 rebels. The rebels won, slaying 860,000 men and they only lost 2,000. This was because Alak's strategy. "Archers in front, Footman in back, Knights to the river." The knight's horses froze in the river, the archers were trampled, the footman retreated, and Alak was overthrown. He was slain at the age of 23 by the prince of Kar'Thuul, due to the insanity Alak brought upon Kar'Thuul. Through his lifetime, Alak killed the King, Queen, and even the princes wife in Kar'Thuul. To read more about this topic see "The Slaying of Kar'Thuul"[/HIDDEN]
[HIDDEN="Tivam's Successor"]Tivam, known as the god of pillaging, sacking, and guilt, was said to have been slain. The main reason for this was that, a major threat had been destroyed, the threat was the Karasemians. The Karasemians were a nation. No.... they were an army who's towns were enslaved, sacked, pillaged, and of course, the innocent not strong enough to be enslaved (women and children), were either slain or put to unholy acts. Most of these acts were for entertainment. One of them, The Dread'Guul sentence, involved a mother killing her children. If she did not kill them, they could kill her. If both sides opposed to kill eachother, they were sentenced to the Chamber of Dread in the only unsacked city and capital of the Karasemians, Kahnth. In this chamber, the women and children were beaten until they killed eachother. A larger penalty was when both the woman and child tried to kill the ones who made them fight eachother. This also resulted in the Chamber of Dread, but with a different consequence. This consequence involved tying the women and children to chains on moving walls. They were then repeatedly hit with spikes obelisk-shaped weapons. Below them lay a "Grail of Redemption."Once the grail was full of blood the stabbing stopped. The women and children were equiped with these weapons, but they could not move them due to the chains. As the walls moved closer, the obelisks thrust into them and they eventually died. The bodies of the dead were never buried or burned. They were hung on the Saltar. The Saltar was a church for the ones who believed that every nation had there own god. The Karasemians did not believe in this. When the Saltar's religious leader saw these bodies, he would immediately put them in the undercroft. The Karasemians decided to take out "The Saltar."To read more about that topic see "The Saltar."[/HIDDEN]
[HIDDEN="The Kuut'Anian Wars"]During the battle of Kuut'An, 90,000 Kuut'Anian mercenaries betrayed Catavia. It was the first war Catavia had fully lost due to unloyal soldiers. Alak, Catavia's leader was captured during this war. There were 3 Kuut'Anian Battles and 2 Kuut'Anian Wars. The Battle of Du'Saugo-Progth, a battle at the river of Du'Saugo, near the city of Progth. Catavia won this battle. This battle was part of the 1st war. Nobody survived on the Kuut'Anian side, not even a villager. Catavia on the other hand only lost 27 soldiers. The second battle was called The Kruushaamiir. Kruushamiir, being changed by time, was once Kru Ush Aam Iir which meant "The Battle of Ush Aam Iir." Ush Aam Irr was a great city in Catavia. Thinking Kuut'An wouldn't be a threat after the first battle, Catavia stopped fighting. Kuut'An soon conquered 3 lands on the Kru Aam River, near the Bay of Ush. The first war ended after this battle. In 6 days however, a peace treaty from Catavia was intelligently made. It stated "You may not attack the Catavian lands." It did not however state Catavia may not take Kuut'An's lands. Kuut'An, thinking Catavia broke the peace treaty when the second war started, prayed to their gods to help them because of the betrayal. Though after the first battle, Kuut'An prayed for redemption of violating the treaty first.[/HIDDEN]
[HIDDEN="Servia"]Servia contains the Sevrian race. The Sevrian race is actually race, but Sevrians guard every deity/god. The god, Serv, is known as "The Protector of the Gods and Deities" because he controls them. Due to them guarding different deities/god there units have many varieties, making the race hard to describe.[/HIDDEN]
[HIDDEN="The Ezarik Brigade"]The Ezariks are a group of holy knights and swordsmen. They have no main kingdom and are a race of humans. They travel spreading their holy religion and are persecuted by many nations. The Ezariks also raid unholy nations, murdering unbelievers and gathering believers to aid them in their spread of holyness. It is said, that like many, they originated from Delos'Nordan.[/HIDDEN]
[HIDDEN="Dawn's Crusade"]Dawn's Crusade is also holy. They are mainly knights and are a race of humans. They have no kingdom, but do control Mountaintop, Dawn's Cathedral, and parts of Delos'Nordan called "The Scattered Domains." The leader, Dawn, bought the Scattered Domains. Delos'Nordan protects the crusade and the crusade originated from it.
[HIDDEN="The Sons of Eternal Glory"]The Sons of Eternal Glory are a group of humans that seek to kill deities and then to advance on the gods and rule Anasteria itself. Little is known about this race other then its superiority among all races. Not even all the races combined could strike down its strength... Not many are in The Sons of Eternal Glory, but those who are must be well trained. There have only been 2 attacks on cities. The first attack, on Benan'Uris, an elven city that had been overrun by the Ezarik Brigade. The Sons of Eternal Glory won the battle, slaying 6 of Ezarik's family members, exterminating the populace, and burning everything in sight. The town is completely gone, but it is said that a secret Headquarters runs under it. The second attack, on the elite city of Delos'Nordan, Kethakore, denied all logic. The garrison of Kethakore, roughly over 87,000 men were the best of Delos'Nordan. They had recently defeated 5 different attackers that were all the strongest nations in Anasteria. The nations were The Ezarik Brigade, Arkazja, Namarathia, The Troll and Goblin Swamp Empire, and the Xerothian Rebels. Xerothia at the time, had an outbreak in a certain part that named itself the Xerothian Rebels and claimed to be extremely strong. No army even penetrated past the region of Karth, one of the largest regions in Delos'Nordan and Kethakore's home. Almost none of Delos'Nordans soldier had died. The enemies prepared for once final assault, and after fighting eachother, the Xerothian Rebels, The Swamp Empire, and Arkazja had left the war. Namarathia walked to the walls of Kethakore, and the Ezarik Brigade stood on a hill readying for an ambush. Then somebody noticed it. It was enough to make the Ezarik Brigade retreat. The Beacon of Telar's flame had died out, with no soldiers in sight, and many flames coming from the castle. Namarathia, not being on the hill didn't notice the danger. They did however, notice the Ezarik Brigade retreat. As soon as Namarathia borke down the gate and entered Kethakore, everybody was dead. It is said The Sons of Eternal Glory use traps to lure there enemies to there deaths. Ever since the city burnings, 3 deities have fallen. Kuunathiir, slain by Alak Demolian, was the Shadowflood's main deity. Alak Demolian was not, however part of the Sons of Eternal Glory. Mysteriously, Ssarth, Deity of Serv, vanished with a pool of blood in his den and a dead man with a flag that read "The Sons of Glory."The last deity, Faarethiik, deity of an unknown god, was found dead in a pool of blood in a portal that led to the void. The void was unenterable by all until that day when the armor was made and he was found dead, with a Sons of Eternal Glory flag. Little is known other then that the Sons of Eternal Glory have advanced technology. [/HIDDEN]
[HIDDEN="Xerothia (The Hidden Kingdom)"]Xerothia, known as "The Hidden Kingdom" or "The Secret Passage", is a strange area. Its races differ. A true Xerothian never existed, though every Xerothian is half Xerothian and half of something else. Xerothians are sometimes classified by 3 groups. [I]Xeroth Serv-[/I]The Xeroth Serv are half Xerothian and half Servian. They are often Demon-sized Xerothians or human-sized demons.
[I]Xeroth Mortaalis-[/I]The Xeroth Mortaalis are half Xerothian and half of any living race.
[I]Xeroth Uumortaliis-[/I]The Xeroth Uumortaliis are half Xerothian and half of any unliving race. Xerothia is known as the Hidden Kingdom or the Secret Passage, because it is hidden behind the Kuubanis Wall. The Kuubanis wall is a cliff. It was not always a cliff though. Xerothia was the link between the Servian Realms and the Anasterian World. It was once thought that Sevrians were the guardians of the dungeons and deities. It was recently discovered this was not true, as the Servian Realms are kingdoms owned by Servia. Although Servia is ripped apart by warring kingdoms, it is (other than the Sons of Eternal Glory) the strongest kingdom in Anasteria if brought together. It could overrun Anasteria in seconds with its dungeon system. The Kuubanis Wall was constructed from rocks to look natural, so that Servia would be protected against dangers. (it was very weak in the ancient days) Of course the problem of never leaving was brought up. Exploring the new realm they were trapped in, they found portals. They found a black one which is now known as "The Void". The Void contains many portals inside of it and The Void is the only portal where kingdoms could be made, therefore the Sevrian Realms are in it. The other portals led to dungeons, but the dungeons did not lead back out. Sevria settled the dungeons and wiped out the hostile environment, while making experiments with its dead. It is now a mighty race.[/HIDDEN]
See all pictures at [url][/url], the pictures listed under here are categorized by chapter #.
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