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This page is entirely made to ensure that you know the consequences of site-illegal actions, and so that you know what administrators can and can't do. If you are not happy about a consequence because you did nothing wrong OR the thing you did is not posted in this section, we will make sure justice is made. You can Private Message DarkShadowSaint is something is wrong, or post it in the "All" section under the "Problems" section. Reporting somebody for doing something using private messages must quote what he/she said and link directly to the private message! You MAY NOT put reports about other gamers in the "Problems" section. We do not want to make bans and restrictions public, so that when the gamer is unblocked, he can come back with his reputation unhurt by all but the administrators. The problems section CAN have bug reports though. The bug reports MUST BE about this site and NOT BE about a game on the site. Reporting somebody for nothing, or spam reporting is annoying. The administrators will figure it out. You will be announced publicly and gain -50 reputation. You will also lose all awards. Rules will be made soon (We do not need rules as of now due to the low population and that everybody is making their own rules for forums)
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