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What do you Believe In?

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Since WoA has disappeared due to computer errors, I have decided to start on a new campaign on Warcraft III. This campaign will only include the Human race (No orcs, no elves, Maybe some undead.) General progress can be found in the sidebar to your left. If you wish to see Art, Terrain images, etc., there will be links in the sidebar's page and forums set up for this.

Views: 2559 | Added by: DarkShadowSaint | Date: 2010-04-16 | Comments (6)

Hello, WoG community! I am calling all artists to design a World of Gamerz logo! The logo can be large or small, and the only rules are no pornography, racism, or religion-centered images. By religion-centered I mean, no Jesus, God, Satan, etc. You may draw devils/angels. Theres are 3 winning categories, and no second or third places in the contest, however everybody gets a reward and everybody's logo will be used for something. The judging will be conducted by DarkShadowSaint and (If he agrees) Rgk_Bloodhowl. YOU MAY USE PICTURES, BUT THE MAJORITY MUST BE DRAWN AND CREATED BY YOU! If somebody helps you, you must give credits and you can earn/lose points. The three categories for winner are:
Best Quality
Reward: +100 Reputation, Title "Quality Artist"
Best Animation
This means that you draw a bunch of videogame/TV Anim ... Read more »
Views: 3557 | Added by: DarkShadowSaint | Date: 2010-04-05 | Comments (67)

It has come to our attention, that a personnel has achieved the right to become an Administrator. I hereby declare, that RqK_Bloodhowl, is bound by election and vote to the rules of the WoG administrators if he wishes to accept this title. Users have no right to  force this upon him, and will be banned if they violate the rules of Administrative nomination. If the selected chooses to accept the title, his/her title and rank will also be increased, along with his/her reputation. The vote count is currently unanimous provided with the eviden by DarkShadowSaint and DivineHjalti. It is as stated below.
Administrators That Voted: 2

Also, OPEUG and GLOW (Guest Lists of Warcraft) have decided this unanimously as an agreeance with it's elected patrons.
OPEUG Voters: 1
Please contact DarkShadowSaint on WoG, or nuuh on Warcraft III to accept or dec ... Read more »
Views: 1152 | Added by: DarkShadowSaint | Date: 2010-03-01 | Comments (14)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIVINEHJALTI! Congratulations on age 15!
Views: 368 | Added by: DarkShadowSaint | Date: 2010-02-12 | Comments (3)

Hello WoG members! I would like to ask you to recruit, as my recruiting isn't working out well. Some ways to recruit are:
1. Putting the sites link on your signature on other websites
2. Telling your friends
3. Advertising on games (Like Warcraft III's chat channels)
4. Advertising on websites (Make sure it isn't against the rules first)
5. Submitting many resources so people will like to come here.
Rewards for this are as follow
Most Recruits - Trophy, Administrator, and Deity Rank
Second Most Recruits - Trophy, Administrator, and Immortal Rank
Third Most Recruits - Trophy, Administrator, and High Vizier Rank
Half (or over half) of the "Third Most Recruits" recruit number - Trophy, and Monarch Rank
All Other Recruiters - Trophy and +2 ranks up.
Thank you for reading and please participate in making Wo ... Read more »
Views: 472 | Added by: DarkShadowSaint | Date: 2010-01-12 | Comments (1)

DarkShadowSaint's War Over Anasteria series, the first campaign, is now available!
Information coming soon on Project TDTSSS (The Day The Sun Stopped Shining)!
Views: 453 | Added by: DarkShadowSaint | Date: 2009-12-12 | Comments (3)

Greetings, Gamerz, while we try to recruit more people to the site we would like you to join this contest. In this contest, you must make a logo for WoG. More about prizes and rules in the Forums-Contests sections!
Views: 357 | Added by: DarkShadowSaint | Date: 2009-11-27 | Comments (0)

Welcome to WorldofGamerz! This site is for every game out there! Don't see the game? Contact DarkShadowSaint and he will allow you to moderate for it! DarkShadowSaint will also take all Questions, Comments, Concerns. Enjoy your stay at WorldofGamerz! - Admins of WoG
-Website sponsored by uCoz
Views: 668 | Added by: DarkShadowSaint | Date: 2009-10-22

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