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Forum » Twilight of the Gods: Rise of the Setting Sun » Classes » Battle Priest
Battle Priest
RgK_BloodHowlDate: Wednesday, 2010-08-25, 0:40 AM | Message # 1
"Bloodhowl the Powerful"
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Holy Priest (Healer)
Cleanser (DPS)
Divine Avenger (DPS)

Heal instantly [x]% of HP.

Summon Angelic Companion
Summon an Angelic Companion that helps you.

Fast Cure
Heal [x]% HP (heal less,but cast in half time).

Remove Malicious effect from a party member with [x]% chance of success.

Holy Weapon
Temporarily sacrifice your weapon to summon a special one with a Holy attack value instead of a physical one. Also increases attack power by [x]

Put a spotlight on the target healing the target 1% health every second for 100 seconds.

Holy Curse
Deals [x] damages for [x] seconds with an [x]% chance of slowing the enemy by [x]% for [x] seconds.

Holy Power
Increases targets Intellects by [x] for [x] minutes.

Divine Cancellation
Has a [x]% chance to delete all the buff from the target

Holy Hands
Deals [x] damages to the target and has a [x]% chance of dealing [x] more damages for [x] seconds.

Divine Dagger
Deals directly [x] damages to the target,slows it down by [x]% for [x] seconds and has a [x]% chance of casting a debuff on the caster that decrease all the spells casting speed by [x]% for [x] seconds.

Holy Bolt
Deals [x] damages to the target.

Holy Flash
Deals directly [x] damages on the target and has a [x]% chance of dealing a bonus of [x] damages for [x] seconds.

Deals [x] damage and stuns for 2 seconds.

Holy Vengeance
Increases the caster’s casting speed by [x]% for [x] minutes.

Divine Punishment
Deals [x] damages directly on the target with a [x]% chance of getting a Spell Critical Strikes and increases the caster’s walking speed by [x]% for [x] seconds.

He died with tears in his heart, but none on his eyes – nobody taught him how to cry. - Umbra's Biography
Forum » Twilight of the Gods: Rise of the Setting Sun » Classes » Battle Priest
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