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Forum » Twilight of the Gods: Rise of the Setting Sun » Classes » Ranger
RgK_BloodHowlDate: Wednesday, 2010-06-16, 2:22 AM | Message # 1
"Bloodhowl the Powerful"
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Stealth Archer (PvP)
Marksman (Ranged DPS)
Guerilla Fighter (PvP)

Must be in stealth, and be behind the target, deals [x]% damage and is a critical hit.

Leg Shot
Shoots the enemys leg dealing [x]% damage and knocks the user down and impairs movement for [x] seconds.

Head Shot
Deals a lethal blow to an enemy dealing 500% weapon damage, 5 second cast.

Smoke bomb
Throws a smoke bomb where you stand, while in the cloud of smoke you can go into stealth even if you are in combat.

Increases movement speed by 100% and increases cast speed by 15% for 5 seconds.

Allows the stealth archer to become invisible, using any attacks or abilities will cancel Stealth.

Sniper Shot
Deals [x] damage.

Long Shot
Long range shot.

Quick Shot
Instantly fires an extra arrow.

Shoots 3 arrows simultaneously.

Heavy Bolts
Raises the damage of the next attack by [x]% stacks up to 5 times.

Amplified Shot
Each second casting this spell will cause the next attack to hit [x]% more per stack, stacks up to [x] times, lasts [x] seconds.

Explosive Shot
Deals [x] damage to main target and [x] damage to all nearby enemies.

Death Shot
Shoots an arrow with killing intent dealing [x] damage.

Net Trap
Immobilizes the target which triggers this trap for 3 seconds.

Frost Trap
Deals [x] damage to the all nearby targets and reduces their movement speed by [x]%.

Pressure Point Jab
Jabs the targets pressure points stunning them for [x] seconds.

Explosive Trap
Deals [x] damage in a large area.

He died with tears in his heart, but none on his eyes – nobody taught him how to cry. - Umbra's Biography
Forum » Twilight of the Gods: Rise of the Setting Sun » Classes » Ranger
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