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Forum » Warcraft III: DarkShadowSaint's Campaign » Storyline and Lore » Timeline of the War (A timeline of past events and the war.)
Timeline of the War
DarkShadowSaintDate: Thursday, 2010-04-29, 4:06 AM | Message # 1
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9 Years Before the War
Etheragan erupts on the Isle of the Nameless, and destroys the nation tribe of Carakahee, burying there treasures.

7 Years Before the War
Strange artifacts arive on the shores of Muhamakaa, a Carakahee former island.

6 Years Before the War
Explorers from the large Sivlspike empire arive on Muhamakaa and name it "Oblot"

5 1/2 Years Before the War
The Sivlspikian Civil War erupts.

5 Years Before the War
The people of Korthis break away from Sivlspike and become a seperate nation.

4 1/2 Years Before the War
Terrotamia and Barisea break away from Sivlspike, seeking peace. A month later they fight eachother for islands.

4 Years Before the War
Safravanium is created by the Sivlspikian government, hoping to end the civil war by creating an opposite government in the other half of their empire.

3 1/2 Years Before the War
Safravanium attacks Sivlspike, Gortherakan and Celnorak break away from Safravanium and Sivlspike.

3 Years Before the War
Azjukhan Athier becomes a general in the Sivlspikian army, and wins back the southern landscape for Sivlspike from Celnorak.

2 1/2 Years Before the War
Azjukhan Athier breaks his land away from Sivlspike and forms The Athierian Alliance and The Athierian Empire

2 Years Before the War
The people of the Western and Antist's Steppes join the war.

1 1/2 Years Before the War
Norse Barbarians invade the Falthrin Isles

1 Years Before the War
Norse Barbarians drive the Safravanians out of Safravania and into the Falthrin Isles, making Safravania their home.

1/2 Years Before the War
Peace starts and seems to be inevitable. The countries prosper.

Year 1 of the War
Cardinand Ilethil takes control of Sivlspike, now a small country.

Year 2 of the War
All other countries block immigration to Sivlspike, discovering their leader considers them outlaws and has them executed.

Year 2 1/2 of the War
Mathias Gretharegin of Terrotamia takes matters into his own hands and executes Cardinand Ilethil

Year 3 of the War
The Norse destroy 23 Trading Vessels of Sivlspike, and the people of Antist's Steppes enter Sivlspike.

Year 4 of the War
Astinand Athier, son of Azjukhan Athier, delivers his speech.
"Traitors Traitors Traitors!
They call themselves allies...
We will show them what an ally and an enemy is!
Draw your swords, and draw their blood!
Tonight we bathe..."

Year 4 1/2 of the War
A peace treaty is signed in Barisea, and then burnt in an unlucky fire an hour later. They call everybody back, but the norse have already left.

Year 4 3/4 of the War
The Norse come back with 3 vessels and destroy the church.

Year 5 of the War
Everybody refuses to sign the new Peace Treaty.

Year 7 "The Slaughter of the Peace-Speakers" of the War
Peace-Speakers are slaughtered and war is inevitable.

Year 8 "The Slaughter of the Armada" of the War
Peace-Speakers arm themselves, siking all the ships, letting all the horses go and burning the armories.

Year 8 1/2 "The Slaughter of the Civilians" of the War
Countries are maddened at the Peace-Speakers, hell breaks loose and civilians who even speak of peace are slaughtered.

Year 9 "The Slaughter of the Kings" of the War
The civilians are outraged at the kill of innocents, 4 kings are overthrown and sign the new ones sign the treaty.

Year 10 "The Prophet's Rise" of the War
A "Prophet" gathers an army in the Western Steppes and joins the war, convincing others that he is the only end to the war, through slaughter or peace.

Year 12 of the War
The Armistice of Mahagee is signed.

Year 7 of the Armistice (Year 19 of the War)
Maloranik, a sunken island, unearths from the sea.

Year 9 of the Armistice (Year 21 of the War)
Colonists on the islands fight eachother about who owns it and the war resumes.

Year 28 "The Slaughter of the 39th" of the War
The 39th king of Mahagee is slain, and this causes a problem in religion where the 39th king is supposed to live forever.

Year 29 of the War
Yeeghad Amisani is burnt alive and declared a devil for slaying King Mahagee the 39th.


Year 109 of the War
The war ends.

Forum » Warcraft III: DarkShadowSaint's Campaign » Storyline and Lore » Timeline of the War (A timeline of past events and the war.)
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