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Forum » Twilight of the Gods » Lore » Angeleater
RgK_BloodHowlDate: Thursday, 2010-05-27, 5:51 AM | Message # 1
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The Angeleater was one whose cruelty knows no bounds. An enemy to humans, angels and even demons, he was hated by all. Nobody had a shred of sympathy for this Witcher, and thus nobody knew the great pain and torture he suffered while alive, going through horrible days with no one to help encourage him and soothe his soul. His mind became twisted and he believed the world was but a playground for the strong to do as they pleased. Being the strongest one now, he seeks to wreak devastation upon the human realm. It is merely what the humans want.

In the human world, he empties a fisherman’s fishing haunt, starving his family for several days. He would then bring the able-bodied members of his family to help him fish at dangerous waters. The Angeleater would drag his family members into the deep waters ‘in exchange’ for fish for the fisherman to bring home. The fish are unknowingly poisoned by mercury and kills the fisherman and his family.

The Angeleater would take over the body of an angel and visit a sleeping child at night. The child would put the tooth he lost under his pillow and the Angeleater would replace it with living horrors of undead creatures. Before he does so, he presents himself before the child as the angel he devoured before letting loose the nightmare creatures to feed on dreams of the family and killing them mentally.

He was given the title of Angeleater because he did not spare even angels. However, it does not mean he is demon-spawned or demons were his allies. The Succubus had several offspring after many years, and the Angeleater would trail one such offspring, waiting for her to bait a human. While she begins her curse, the Angeleater would forcibly tear her from her victim and crucify her. He would smash to bits little parts of the human victim first and force him to see who seduced him before killing him. To the Succubus, he would forcibly restore her virginity and remove the seeds implanted in her before mangling her body and tearing off her face. Still alive but with her current state, she is unable to seduce any more men and yet she continues to be desperate for intercourse. If demons even had a shred of concern for their minions, they would have noticed that their numbers were dwindling. Comparatively, when an angel is lost, his companions would have realized it and hunted down his murderer.

He held no name, not when cruelty was the only omnipresent thing in the human realm. Whoever enters his world will see that the angels are mere myths for they have been devoured by the one who eats angels.

He died with tears in his heart, but none on his eyes – nobody taught him how to cry. - Umbra's Biography
Forum » Twilight of the Gods » Lore » Angeleater
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