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Forum » Twilight of the Gods » Lore » Sun Rise
Sun Rise
RgK_BloodHowlDate: Thursday, 2009-11-26, 4:05 PM | Message # 1
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During the great clash against the Night Fall, the Empire of Kelthos had all their able men sent to the capital to participate in the war against the Night Fall. Thus, only its patrol guards were left to fend the city against wolves, thieves and the like. News of the Black Sun was scarce and no one knew what to expect of them. Taking this chance, they launched an assault against the almost defenseless city, slaughtering folks nearest the river first before slowly approaching the gates. Petrified by this sudden attack from an unholy force, none of the guards were able or willing to rush out to save the family that was being torn asunder right before their eyes.

A child was knocked away by a powerful swing, surviving the claws and the impact because his mother shielded him with her body. The werewolf head the cry of the child as it was being crushed under his mother weight and advanced on him, elongated jaws opened, saliva drooling from between sharp canine teeth. Suddenly, blood flowed out of the jaws as a pitchfork lodged itself deeply in his abdomen. A farmer, judging by his attire, was seen rushing out of the gates, a spear of old make held tightly in both hands. A coeurl fell, too busy draining substance from his victim, and cheers were heard on the castle walls. Then, shouts of encouragement sounded as weapons of all manner, from swords to butcher knives, to arrows and slingshots were taken up, and fighters poured out from the gates, their war cries filling the air.

That day, a newfound group was formed, comprising of the patrol guards, retired soldiers, weapon masters, soldiers-to-be, blacksmiths and even the nimble lass whose speeds were unmatched except by horses. In a bid to counter what was the failing light of the Black Sun, they called themselves the Sun Rise, the dawning of the light which will brighten the darkness brought about by their enemies, and the one who led them was a former general of the Keltharian army - the brave farmer who charged first into the enemy lines.

Racial Bonus: Redemption
All Sun Rise are experienced in the field of exterminating Undead. Giving them 100% bonus damage against Undead.



Heal (Autocast) - Single Target Heal
Bless (Active) - AoE Armor Buff

White Wizard
Divine Wrath (Autocast) - Single Target Damage
Divine Aegis (Active) - Single Target Armor Buff

Sun Rise Campaign: Prelude to Darkness

He died with tears in his heart, but none on his eyes – nobody taught him how to cry. - Umbra's Biography
Forum » Twilight of the Gods » Lore » Sun Rise
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